Holiday Week at Melindesign Studio

It’s been crazy busy this holiday week with finishing up orders for both a huge catalog job, Pendleton Spring 2012, an order of 50 pieces of micro macrame work, 500 pearl necklaces for the January issue of Oprah Magazine and 200 pieces of ultra cool acrylic retro goddess pieces. With the Accessories Show and New […]

The Kids Are Actually Sort of Alright and NO! It Doesn’t Suck to Be You.

I just got done reading The Kids Are Actually Sort of Alright, New York Magazine, October 24th issue by Noreen Malone. With all this #occupywallstreet going on out there, I was left wondering, #whycantthesekidsfindjobs? I’m a mother of an 18 year old that just entered Buffalo State College as a freshman. The vibe the article […]

The Best Little Bead Sort Bowls!

We have been under a lot of orders these past two months. One of them called for a large variety of beads in different sizes, colors, styles in just one necklace. How do we keep order? Pier 1 and Kohl’s has been pushing the “small plates” revolution lately with great collections of little dishes and […]

Where Have The Jewelry Assembly Chicks Been Lately? A NEW Necklace Town!

Two and a half months! It’s been that long? Here’s what happened in Necklace Town since you’ve last stopped by. The Jewelry Assembly Chicks did finish that huge order we were slammed with in November. 11,871 necklaces were made here in nearly 12 weeks, all here in the USA in my kitchen! All through Thanksgiving, […]

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