5 Steps to Create a Tech Pack for Your Jewelry Assembly Outsource

Jewelry designers come to us asking for help in assembling jewelry. They have gotten to the point where they can’t do it all themselves. Some designers are brand new, telling us they want to bring their jewelry ideas to life. How does one do that? So I thought, how about a tech pack for jewelry […]

Simon O’Keefe Does Fulfillment With The Jewelry Assembly Chicks

  I go to film school school in Buffalo. I walked out on the cold and am refusing to pay alimony. Here I am, home in ole Westchester and I got a new girlfriend: Summertime. Upon my arrival, I was immediately employed by Melinda O’Keefe, CEO of Melindesign, to hasten the large orders the company […]

7 Ways to Manage Your Business. Assign One Day to EACH Task!

I’m by myself in my business. I have employees, I head the big jobs, we assemble jewelry to no end. I’m in the trenches with the Jewelry Assembly Chicks because that’s what I like to do the most, create things. Take apart and put together things. Solve the puzzle of this piece goes with that […]

Happy New Year From The Jewelry Assembly Chicks!

Happy New Year! The Jewelry Assembly Chicks are back in the studio and we’re once again, knee deep in assembling jewelry. I closed down the studio for the holidays, a first, because the last three months were CRAZY busy. I enjoyed a vodka soaked, roaring fire, roasted ham Christmas this year. Got a Go Pro […]

From The Fashion Law: Donna Karan Hit With Unpaid Internship Lawsuit & What It Takes To Be An Intern By Law

 Just in time for a new semester of fashion student hopefuls. This is a good article that lists what the rules are in being an intern. Don’t get taken advantage of. It would be better if you took classes then pay tuition for fetching coffee. Get paid for the work you do! http://www.fashion-law.org/2013/09/donna-karan-hit-with-unpaid-internship.html

The Decline of the U.S. Garment Industry

It certainly would be nice if we had our own Free Trade Agreement: Duty free access to American products within the USA. What a novel idea! We do so much for worldwide economies: tax breaks, building factories, hiring villages to work them. Why can’t we have the same system here? Encourage manufacturing & stimulate local […]

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