7 Ways to Manage Your Business. Assign One Day to EACH Task!

I’m by myself in my business. I have employees, I head the big jobs, we assemble jewelry to no end. I’m in the trenches with the Jewelry Assembly Chicks because that’s what I like to do the most, create things. Take apart and put together things. Solve the puzzle of this piece goes with that […]

How Much Will it Cost to Assemble My Jewelry in the USA?

How Much Will it Cost to Assemble My Jewelry in the USA?We charge per piece and have no minimum. The complexity of the piece and the time it takes from start to finish determines the price. We ask that you send a sample, the materials and directions to assemble the pieces so that we can […]

Keeping the Local Economy Going in the USA at a Place Called Necklace Town

Some serious work that has come into the studio very recently. A HUGE job, compiling of many thousands of necklaces, final figures aren’t in yet. One of our designers, got a spot on Steals and Deals on the Today Show!  We are going to make this happen, produce these necklaces, all here in the United […]