Hipsters? Nah! How local, #MadeintheUSA, artisan-focused entrepreneurs are reviving American manufacturing

Let’s keep politics out of this. Everyone continue making their wares in the USA, quietly. Grow your business within your community. Rent in your home town, buy lunch at the cafe up the street, ship from your UPS store, buy some veggies at the local farm stand on the way home. But please, don’t tell the politicians. We can make Made in America on our own. That’s what artisan-focused entrepreneurs do. It’s the pioneer spirit that has been lost in all this political noise. The freedom to do what makes you happy and making a living at it.

That was never “hipster” movement. Artists have always had to make do and there was always a market for quality, handmade products. Finally, Americans are waking up to the fact that buying American products made by Americans, is the way to bring back jobs to America.