Keeping the Local Economy Going in the USA at a Place Called Necklace Town

Some serious work that has come into the studio very recently. A HUGE job, compiling of many thousands of necklaces, final figures aren’t in yet. One of our designers, got a spot on Steals and Deals on the Today Show!  We are going to make this happen, produce these necklaces, all here in the United States. We’re going to improve our local economy by hiring MANY extra hands in the coming weeks. We’re hiring housewives, stay-at-home moms, musicians, students, artists, part timers and full timers, what ever anyone can give us. We’re cutting miles of chain, opening thousands of jump rings, wire wrapping spools of wire and threading on truckloads of stones. We’re buying dozens of pliers and timers, baskets and baggies. We’re buying lunch once a week at local restaurants. We’re ordering thousands of multiple products from companies in the United States from printing paper, bubble wrap, boxes, and stickers. We’re shipping via the United Stated Postal Service.


We’re sending people home with bundles of chains, stones, and directions so they can save gas on commuting and be there when the kids come home from school so they can be more productive and give us a hundred finished necklaces a week. We’re doing it with a lot of people so we can have twenty times a hundred every week. We’re meeting the most friendly, funny, personable, hard working, ingenious, creative people almost every day.


They are telling their friends and neighbors of this opportunity and they are coming forward to lend a hand, learn a new vocation, learn of this awesome thing that is happening. It has made my head swim but we’re staying steady. We are going to help our local economy, expand small businesses and keep it all in the USA. And meeting great people to boot!


In the coming weeks, I’m going to introduce you to these new employees of Melindesign and let you know of the progress of Necklace Town. If you live nearby and want to lend a hand for extra Christmas money, contact me! To date since Thursday 11/18/2010, we have finished 284 necklaces and 200 other styles just waiting for crystals to pop on to be shipped.