Product Review: New Lindstrom Tools EX-7893 Chain Nose Pliers





Lindstrom Chain Nose Pliers EX-7083

Recently, we received a sampling of the new EX Series from Lindstrom Tools to test out. It’s a chain nose plier, EX7893. It has a nice firm grip handle in yellow and gray, with a new location and set up for the metal spring. The spring is NOT inside the handles of the pliers like the usual set up. They have a separate containment for the end of the springs, allowing them to stay FIRMLY in place and hold the tensile strength. Great idea, Lindstrom Tools! I hate it when the spring clip sinks down into the stretched out plastic part of the handles, rendering the spring back of the plier useless. I’ve thrown plenty of inferior pliers across the room for that offense. The metal on the pliers are definitely different than my other pliers. It has a “stickiness” to it. Metal doesn’t slip so easily from them. You can really hold a tiny jump ring securely while getting into tight spaces…And the best part, after six months of continuous, hard handling all sorts of assembling, the tips are as new as the day they alighted at the studio. No separation, the tipsstill close tight together, meet top to bottom, no space, and no nicks whatsoever. Is the metal kryptonite?? I don’t know but it works! The material used for the handles fit nicely in the hand with barely any fatigue. My eyes quit before my hands do.

We have assembled tens of thousands of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with these pliers. We have opened and closed easily 100,000+ jump rings, ranging from 2mm 20 gauge jump rings to 12mm 16 gauge jump rings. The jaws of the pliers kept nice and smooth, so that the metals on the jump rings hardly, if ever, marred. The spring metal stayed in place, never budged, never losing it’s bounce back. The handles are very comfortable and solid. They never slide off. One thing I can’t stand, is when the plastic handles slide off the pliers and you have to stop and push it back up, to have it slide back down again after a few turns. I throw those pliers across the room too.

We have six of these pliers in the studio and all the Jewelry Assembly Chicks grab them first. I’m going to have to get more. On my wish list: flat nose pliers, LONG chain nose (I love long chain nose pliers, don’t you?), round nose pliers and cutters. If the metal doesn’t nick on these, I imagine the cutters must stay pretty sharp too. I would love to wire wrap with a round nose and see how the “stickiness” of the tips hold tiny loops in place for the wrap…

I highly recommend the Lindstrom EX7893 pliers for your high volume assembling needs. Invest in a good plier every few months as you move along in your business. It makes your work go so much faster and way easier with the good quality plier, it will show in your work. Plus Lindstrom Tools has a reconditioning service. You can send back your pliers for new grips, re-alignment, lubrication, polishing, new springs, sharpening. There’s a list of prices for different services, they even do non-Lindstrom tools. Contact Asia Salazar and tell her Melindesign sent you. I send tools in every few months for a spruce up. Asia calls me for my payment info and in a week or so, they come back like brand new.


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