Simon O’Keefe Does Fulfillment With The Jewelry Assembly Chicks


I go to film school school in Buffalo. I walked out on the cold and am refusing to pay alimony. Here I am, home in ole Westchester and I got a new girlfriend: Summertime.

Upon my arrival, I was immediately employed by Melinda O’Keefe, CEO of Melindesign, to hasten the large orders the company had recently been required to fill. After two weeks of disassembling, packing, unpacking, repacking, packing up, packing down, and reassembling, Mrs. O’Keefe has promoted me to writing blogs.

Rejecting the social network phenomenon, I’ve attempted desperately to pose as a self proclaimed, old fashioned luddite film student. Nevertheless, I still tote around this container of data in my pocket that vibrates routinely when it hungers for my finger’s caress. Social networking is the new way to push business– not more classifieds or yellow pages! It is a lending hand to promote and spread the news about what you’re up to in the business of film and jewelry.

Over the years, I’ve observed the growth of this company. Melindesign has steadily mastered the art of search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and social media. I should learn by example in my industry, as should anyone who has the American dream to succeed in business. The Melindesign brand has steadily climbed to the first page of a Google search. Simply type “jewelry outsourcing” or “jewelry assembly.” The brand boasts Made in America— in the case of Melindesign, jewelry manufacturing within the United States. Being at the top of a search engine indicates utmost relevance, which is the key of this business’ success. But you’ve probably read all about this if you’ve been following their blogs and customer raves.

What you haven’t read is that Melindesign’s adaptation to the social network has recently attributed to a recent feature that the company provides. Constance Sherman’s Hot Girls Pearls, a cooling relief pearl necklace accessory, has been in mass production. Melindesign has taken on order fulfillment, after her Jewelry Assembly Chicks make the necklaces, sending the final product to wholesale retailers like Amazon and Shopify. This high dive into the market is the next ingredient for an ever evolving business that has managed to maintain the interests of companies involved with Melindesign from the beginning. Customer service has always been top notch, with decades of jewelry experience and knowledge in the trunk.

Melindesign has meticulously managed inventory with the new fulfillment orders constantly coming through. The work never stops here. Designers are always reaching out to the company, and the company is always working on some project or another. This exciting woman-owned company is able to take up and tackle business opportunities, and watch how the taste and trends of the jewelry industry can evolve into new products, all made in the U.S.A.

Written by Simon O’Keefe

Simon O’Keefe just finished up his junior year in Television and Film Arts Program Studies at Buffalo State College. He is working part time this summer as a Jewelry Assembly Chick doing fulfillment and saving lives as the senior lifeguard at Lake Lincolndale.