Satisfied Customers

“Melindesign is a fantastic partner. They seek to understand your business, find innovative ways to improve processes, pays attention to small details that make a difference to your brand, and they deliver solid work on time, every time. Added bonus..they’re fun to work with!”- Carla Sinatra,

“Melindesign is WONDERFUL! They always help me with producing orders and do it on time, and the quality is great. Melinda is great to work with, a great communicator with a Can Do attitude. Melindesign feels like an East Coast extension of our own studio. They have become an important resource to us – to help keep our jewelry proudly Made in America!”- Kris Nations,

“Melindesign is great! I really never thought I would find someone who could do the wire work I was looking for. They consistently provides me a quality product and service. They are also innovative and creative in figuring out the best and most economical way of getting the job done. They are always timely and honest. I highly recommend their work and working with Melindesign.”- Suzanne Schwartz,

We have used Melindesign on numerous occasions to help fulfill orders and increase inventory. We have always found their work to be excellent and their turnaround to be very timely. We would highly recommend using Melindesign for any type of jewelry assembly needs. ~ Kurt Frye,

“My first choice is to create all my jewelry in studio, but when that just isn’t possible due to high volumes or tight timeframes, I only trust Melindesign. Melindesign was first recommended to me by a friend in the industry, and I have never had to look any further. I have built my business on the high quality of the jewelry I create. Only an absolutely perfect piece can ship to a customer. Melinda and her staff understand that it is all in the details and they get it right. Working with Melindesign gives me the confidence to grow my business, knowing that their crafty hands will back me up when I need it.” -Stephanie Wolf,

“Melindesign’s care and expertise has been indispensable to my jewelry production. Not only is the craftsmanship coming out of the studio extraordinary, but Melinda routinely takes time to think through how to make the jewelry stronger, more cost-effectively produced, and more attractive. Her suggestions are always right on target! And it’s rare to find someone as detail-oriented and conscientious as are Melinda and “The Jewelry Assembly Chicks”. I’m a perfectionist and I can’t think of a thing I’d change about Melindesign. They do great work—timely, precise, and always with a smile.” -Virginia Slachman, Lauren Mercedes Designs

“It’s been great having the resource and expertise of Melindesign to help improve our product and get it delivered on time. Melinda O’Keefe herself was absolutely attentive to all concerns and addressed everything with the utmost professionalism and offered suggestions and solutions at every turn. Thanks much for a job well done!” – Nathan Green,

“Working with Melindesign is a dream! Their craftsmanship is amazing. They also has the unique ability to know when a sample can be improved upon and the result is always stunning and much more durable than the original. They are timely and extremely organized. Melinda is truly a pleasure to work with.”- Adria Bell,

“Melindesign has been the solid foundation for our online production over the past year. Melinda and her team are incredibly skilled in assembly, while providing quick turnaround times and maintaining great communication. Our ecommerce would be impossible without Melindesign!”- Kate Power,

“I am impressed! I have been searching for so long for help with my jewelry production and you have just changed my small business! I am so excited that I am able to stock inventory in my store and push more wholesale accounts, where before I was timid because I simply didn’t have enough time to do everything. Thank you for all of your advice materials and supplies to order for production. I am so THRILLED that I found you and your company!”- Meggie White,

“The Jewelry Assembly Chicks rock steady for sure!!! The box is open and I love what I see! Everything is impeccable, right down to the bubble wrap! You gals are my go to wire wrappers! I am super, super picky and to impress me, it has to be flawless. You all delivered in a big way. Flawless. Impressed! You all do amazing work.”- Lindsey Erickson,

“Melinda is an absolute rockstar! As a NY-based jewelry designer, I was very interested in keeping all the work on the brand local to bring business into the local community and also have a personal connection with all aspects of the business, without paying insane overhead. Melinda is absolute perfection — her techniques are spot on, she hits deadlines, she makes great suggestions during the process, goes above and beyond what we ask of her and is generally a total joy to work with! We could not be happier (and more relieved!) to have found her… I would probably keep her a secret if I could! Thank you!” – Rachel Dooley,

“Melindesign’s craftmanship and efficiency are beyond compare. They are a trusted assistant to my business. My company would not be where it is today without them.” – Jill Italiano, BellaOro

Melindesign is the best investment I’ve made for my growing jewelry business. I had just given birth to my first child and my production level had increased to the point where I could no longer keep up. Melinda stepped in and life has never been better! Her work ethic is incredible. Melinda is unbelievably fast and not only meets deadlines but at times finishes before them. Her technique is flawless with perfectly coiled wire wrapping. She’s a breath of fresh air to work with and you get the feeling she really cares about you and your business. If you value quality in your finished piece and local business, then I highly recommend Melindesign.” – Tiffany Bean,

“Melindesign has been wonderful to work with. They’ve gone out of their way to meet with me for quick tutorials on how to produce my specific jewelry and worked within really tight deadlines with short notice! They’re very quick learners and very honest with their time. I was nervous about having someone work out of my office on my products, but Melindesign works so efficiently that this was never, ever a problem. Couldn’t recommend them more.” – Laurel Denise,

“Melindesign has made our lives so much easier doing what they do best. Efficient, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Not to mention the fact that their work is beautiful! Having them make our jewelry has allowed us to concentrate on making our business grow, and I highly recommend them to anyone.” – Katie Thompson,

“It is a pleasure working with Melindesign. Quality workmanship, professionalism and on-time manufacturing are guaranteed. Friendly helpful suggestions to achieve a better product!! I highly recommend!!” – Russell-Harris, Inc.

“Melindesign has been such a help to us! The work is perfect, but beyond that they is timely and a joy to work with. Always enthusiastic and happy even when I send them things 5 days before a deadline. They have been a blessing!” – Lizzie Fortunato –

“Melindesign worked for us in 2005 doing wire-wrapping work. Their work is exceptionally precise and even. Melindesign enjoys what they do, which makes them easy to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for help in this area.” – Jeanne Johngren

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