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We all want to stay in a place where we can be comfortable, especially if the site gives us the right temperature to set our mood throughout the day. But most of the time, it is not the way we wanted. The heat from the outside keeps on surrounding, and it gives us a feeling of exhaustion and irritation. With this, we keep on doing things and trying things to achieve a place of comfort and to keep our room always fresh.

So, how you can avoid such feeling and keep yourself from the sweltering summer inside your home? Read on and consider these attainable solutions to achieve a more comfortable room.

Put in some house plants.

Have you wanted a more comfortable room? According to an expert house designer, trees and other greenery inside the house can block the sun and keeps your place in a cooler temperature. And the larger the plant, the larger it can stop. It can also give a fresh aura inside the house to keep you in calm and perfect peace.

Upgrade window treatments.

Your sheer curtains may look nice, but to be honest, they are making your room hotter. Installing heavy curtains or blinds can be a substantive solution to decrease the amount of heat that is clinging into your room via windows.

Install a ceiling fan.

You don’t need to get up major air conditioning bills to maintain your room cooler. Instead, consider installing a ceiling fan. The windy chill that the ceiling fan brings helps you feel comfortable without the need of adjusting the thermostat.

Change your lightbulbs.

Old-school incandescent lightbulbs can give off 90 per cent of their energy as heat; thus, these bulbs are increasing your room temperatures.  You try to replace them with CFLs or LED bulbs- these lightbulbs use 80 per cent less energy and can surely last 25 times longer.

Stay hydrated.

Drinking water is essential, especially in the summer season. As much as possible, you keep hydrated for it lowers down the irritation and the feeling of exhaustion. Additionally, by drinking plenty of water helps you in becoming not wasted because of sweating.

Wear loose clothes.

In summertime season, and you’re battling with extreme hot weather, make use of your loose shirts and clothes. As much as possible, eliminate wearing coloured garments for it can easily absorb heat, but instead, wear white and pale colours to keep you fresh. Less and loose are essentials in heat season.

Take more cold showers.

A lot of people can say it is challenging to start a day with cold showers, but cold showers can make you feel comfortable and beautiful in an instant. Though the weather is stingy because of heat, cold showers can make you feel relaxed. But then, make sure not to keep cold showers after going to a place with a high temperature of heat for it can cause you a heart attack.

Make your driveway filled with grass.

A green surrounding can contribute to your place’s temperature. If you’re living in a city or subdivision, trees are minimal. So, in your ways, try to upgrade your garage, adding some touch of plants and green coloured pasture to absorb heat.