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If you are fond of landscaping and gardening, you might be thinking of making it to another level. This 2021, you can turn your landscape by basically making significant improvements – updating your designs, upgrading your plant features, and creating something beautiful out from your scratches. The beauty of landscaping will allow you as a landscaper to be creative as you want.

Raise Bed and Herb Snails-  Raise beds was one of the garden trends ever since. Moving forward this 2021, the enthusiasm for this thing does not decrease it is far increasing. With the all comfortable working height makes it easier to care for the plants standing upright.

Develop Sustainable Fertilization–  If you’re after a good crop from your garden, you have to supply your plants with power. This 2021, the trend is to push organic fertilization. In this form, the nutrients remain longer in the soil. It also improves the soil structure by promoting humus formation.

Bee-friendly garden- The number of wild bees is sadly decreasing. Fortunately, the trend is increasingly into bee-friendly gardens and landscapes. The absence of sprayed chemicals for pests and weeds can also help control the bees.

Water in all variations– This 2021, everything in the landscape revolves around the water- whether it is a small water feature or pool. Together with your water plants and decorative swamps, your little water feature will soon become the main area in your garden.

Install flowering fences-  Fences is a must in a landscape if you are to pursue privacy- this is a trend that will probably conquer much terrain. It can also be the habitat for some colourful plants and climbing plants.

Hanging pots and vertical gardening- Small gardens is worth investing for the vertical garden to grow vegetables and fruits. With this, you can create a space for eye-catcher and vegetable garden despite lacking area.

Smart Garden- This 2021, one of the trend is matching the technology and the garden. For other travellers, some flowerpots will automatically pour water when the soil is dry. With smart, equipped technology, you can sit and relax while making your garden more beautiful.

Dwarf vegetables and Patio Fruits- Even in your small spaces, you can have fruit-bearing trees for consumption. This trend will get your money’s worth- planting dwarf fruits and vegetables, patio tree fruits and more. These mini fruit trees can exceed to only 1.5 meters in height. This will serve as your benefit and decoration at the same time.

Natural gardens– This year, the trend is moving forward to free-growing perennials and shrubs. These plants do not look messy but always mysterious and mystical. It can look brighter with stones and woods- turning it into more like paradise.

Old Varieties– Old varieties may be outgrown with many varieties today, but this year the trend is for these old kinds. Old types are well suited for they are very robust. Also, they are significantly rich with more minerals, vitamins and more intense flavours.