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We all want to stay in a place where the temperature is proper, and commonly we want our house to be a place where we are comforted. But most of the time, heat from the outside keeps on clinging, and we always find ourselves exhausted. That’s why we keep doing things and try many ways to be able to keep our room fresh and a place of comfort.

When the heat waves unexpectedly strike, we are often tempted to go to the nearest fan and crack our air conditioners. Fortunately, there are several ways to get the job done, keep your surroundings fresh and turn your night into a sound sleep. Consider the following from our friends in Blinds Wholesale:

Invest in blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains can naturally insulate the room and can block rays of sunlight.  Neutral-coloured curtains with white plastic backing are recommended for it reduces heat up to 33 per cent.

Swap your sheets.

Seasonal switching of bedsheets doesn’t only freshen up your room, but it is also a great way to bring a relaxed vibe in it. Cotton bedsheets are smarter because it breathes easier and stays cooler.

Switch to LED bulbs.

Any source of light can bring on heat to a particular place, yet, LED lights are different. LED lights are not only for energy savings, but it can also help lessen the absorption of heat.

Make use of vertical blinds.

A complete set of vertical blinds can give your home a lot cooler. It can avoid annoying greenhouse effects from sunlight and will make you more comfortable even in the hottest season of the year.

Create a cross breeze area.

Look for an area in your house where the air can freely flow. If you have two windows in a room, and it’s windy outside, try to open it and feel the cold breeze out.

Use your exhaust fans.

Turn on as often as possible the exhaust fan in your kitchen and bathroom, and these appliances can vent to the outdoors that can help remove heat as well.

Take more cold showers.

Cold showers can make you feel beautiful and comfortable in an instant. But make sure not to come in the bath after you went from a place of really high temperature because it can cause you a potential heart attack.

Stay hydrated.

If you stay longer in a hot place, you’ll find yourself dehydrated. That’s why it is essential to drink a lot of water and don’t become wasted because of sweating.

Sit away from the others.

The more crowded your house, the hotter it will be because all bodies are releasing the same heat. Keep your distance to people, so you can’t efficiently radiate heat from them. In that way, you can feel colder.

Invest in the portable air conditioner.

You can make long-term improvements to your home, and part of it is to invest in air conditioners.  This is the fastest way to make your room cooler.

Wear loose clothes

When it’s summertime, and you’re battling with hot weather, it’s time for you to make use of your loose shirts and clothes. Avoid coloured garments, for it can absorb heat, but then try pale and white colours. Loose and less are essential matters when summertime.