Melin Design

I’m by myself in my business. I have employees, I head the big jobs, we assemble jewelry to no end. I’m in the trenches with the Jewelry Assembly Chicks because that’s what I like to do the most, create things. Take apart and put together things. Solve the puzzle of this piece goes with that piece. Getting a huge multi thousand piece job and thinking, “No way!”, and then getting it done in record time in perfect quality, perfectly made in the USA, much to the delight of the customer.

How do I run this business part? Barely! I do quickbooks and pull my hair out when there’s much hours, pieces, materials, new lists, payrolls, to enter and marketing, social media output. I don’t want to do it. I go in kicking and screaming. But this! What a great idea from Nicole Giordano, at StartUp Fashion. A time management trick where you assign each day of the week to a task. And stick to it! You don’t get distracted by the “wrong day” intruder. You put it in the bin that pertains to IT’S day of the week. Deal with it on it’s day, not in the middle of payroll day…

This couldn’t be easier and now, maybe I don’t need a business manager I’ve been praying for each day. I just need to devote one day a week to those needy things and tell the customer, “My accountant is in on Tuesdays.” This makes me feel I could be featured in Entrepreneur Magazine: Business Owner Does It ALL!