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Collecting rare flowers is an expensive habit. It is hard to believe, but some plants are worth more than cars or houses. In this blog, we are going to discuss the most expensive flowers in the whole world. If someone gave you this kind of rare flowers, you are exceptional. With this blog, you may know how much it cost.

5 Flowers and their Price

Flowers are a symbol of love, and we have the perfect bouquet for every occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or weddings, you can choose whether you want to send a dozen of flowers or just a single. The essential things are that you remember the person. In this simple way, you are showing someone how much you care about them. This simple way of kindness will brighten up their day and make them feel special.

Saffron Crocus at #5

  • The scientific name is Crocus sativus.
  • The Saffron Crocus is expensive flowers in the world. Purplish petals and rich yellow stamen makes it more unique.
  • The saffron crocus is originating in the Middle East, China and India.
  • Saffron Crocus are beautiful flowers that grow well in dry, sunny areas of the garden. You can plant these in early spring or late fall, but they will bloom best if planted in the fall. The corms should be placed 4in deep and 4in apart for optimal growth.
  • With the prices of $1,500 per pound

Gold of Kinabalu orchid at #4

  • The scientific name is Paphiope delum rothschildianum
  • The Gold of Kinabalu Orchid is an expensive flower due to its rarity and beauty. Found only in Malaysia at the Kinabalu National Park until recently, and discovered that they could be grown elsewhere.
  • This delicate, fragrant flower has been used for centuries to heal wounds and soothe anxiety. This orchid was once reserved exclusively for royalty, but now it can be yours.
  • The price is $5,000 in the black market

Shenzhen nongke orchid at #3

  • The Shenzhen nongke orchid is a hybrid of the Vanda and Paphiopedilum. It was formed in the lab by the Chinese agricultural research corporation Shenzhen Nongke. The orchid took them eight years to grow, and it’s one of the most valuable flowers ever purchased at auction for 1.68 million Yuan.
  • The Shenzhen nongke orchid is a rare and delicate flower that only blooms every 4-5 years.
  • Giving Shenzhen nongke orchid as a gift to someone who loves flowers is something to remember. This rare and delicate flower is something they’ll never forget.
  • with the price of $202,000

Juliet Rose at #2

  • With the scientific name of Rosa’ Ausleap
  • The Juliet Rose is a unique flower that took 15 years to create.
  • Juliet Roses are an elegant and popular choice of wedding flowers. They have a light tea rose fragrance that is perfect for any occasion. The flower is making them an excellent choice for bouquets or centrepieces.
  • Saw it at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2006 with the price of $15.8 million

Kadupul flower at #1

  • Do you know about the rarest flower in the world?
  • The Kadupul flower is found only in Sri Lanka, and it’s so fragile that it lasts a few hours. This beautiful, delicate flower is at the top of our list for its rarity and beauty.
  • If you want to see this unique plant, we recommend visiting Sri Lanka as soon as possible and find out more about these flowers before they’re gone forever. The incredible natural wonder is stunning and mesmerizing. The flower is priceless.