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This is a great article at Business News Daily, 10 Ways to Know If You Have A Great Business Idea. If you have a great idea, you must find out if anyone else has the same idea. Research the heck of it it, until you have exhausted every corner on the world wide web.

This is especially true of jewelry. There is a lot of it out there. Know what’s going on before you invest in the time and money to start a jewelry business. Learn the trade. Learn some skills at a local jewelry school. Youtube lessons. Know your material and where you can get it. Know how to price your wares both wholesale and retail. Know your profit margins. Start small and local. Make sure you are paying yourself for the time and effort. If you are not drawing an income and covering your expenses like driving, research, filling out entry forms, taking photos, materials, TIME!! (know how long it takes you to make each necklace, bracelet or earring from start to finish), then it’s a hobby, NOT a business.

When you start getting orders that you can’t handle because your designs are sought after and sales are going through the roof, then call us, The Jewelry Assembly Chicks. We are here to assemble your jewelry and take you to the next level!