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Window treatments should be given a reasonable amount of thought before purchasing because not only are they going to decorate the space, they are also multi-functional. The purpose of window furnishings is to control everything that comes in through the window, like light, air, and sound.

For a city like Sydney, where extreme weather conditions are experienced almost all throughout the year, motorised roman blinds are the ideal window décor, and here is why.

Variety of fabric

Roman blinds are excellent in blocking out harsh sunlight in the room. The common fabrics used for roman blinds are silk and linen, but they are completely customizable, even the linings that protect the outer fabric from fading and provide support for the overall structure and shape.

Usually, the choice of fabric depends on what room the roman blinds are going to be in.


During summer, average temperatures range from 18.6 – 25.8°C in Sydney. If your home doesn’t have the appropriate window treatments, you’re going to have to endure the weather extremities.

Roman blinds provide deep insulation, especially ones that come in dense fabric; regulating home temperatures during both winter and summer to keep the interiors nice and cozy.

Light control

One of the reasons roman blinds never go out of style despite the many choices of window blinds and shades out there nowadays is that its entire design is ideal for bedrooms where most people want to keep it snug comfy.

More often than not, days in Sydney are just bright and sunny. Roman blinds, especially in the right fabric, are effective in maintaining the dimness of a room despite the weather outside.

Different styles

Roman blinds come in different styles that will match whatever look you want to achieve. Each style has different kinds of folds and draping pattern and gives a specific stylish appearance and elegant touch to the room.

Available customs for Roman blinds are Classic, Relaxed (European), Hobbled, and Flat. Flat Roman blinds use a single piece of continuous fabric, minus the dowels. Classic and hobbled Roman styles use the dowels for crisp folds and pleats that look effortless and stiff professional finish. On the contrary, Relaxed or European Roman shades use the fabric’s natural flow to add softness and subtle touch.

Customizable prints

Roman blinds are versatile to put in any room as long as the choice of style, fabric, and prints are appropriate to the ambiance. With prints, you can experiment with different patterns and go as bold and as minimal as you want. Your roman blinds can have fun prints to contrast plain or monochrome walls; they can even be striped to accentuate the height of the ceiling or the size of the room.

Better framing

Similar to any other window décor, roman blinds have a string on the side to roll up and down. What makes it stand out is it frames windows better than the other kinds of blinds. Its simple setup makes it roll over a window with a breeze and even adds an elegant and sophisticated finish to any room.

Cheaper than curtains

Many materials and processes create and install curtains, whereas, with roman blinds, manufacturing is relatively quicker and simpler. Creating roman blinds doesn’t come with additional costly materials that tend to increase the total price, unlike with curtains.