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Transform your landscaping dreams into reality with Melin Design – your ultimate solution for outdoor perfection. Our seasoned team brings years of expertise to craft imaginative and distinctive designs that perfectly complement your home and lifestyle. We recognise the challenges of achieving a stunning garden, so we’re here to assist every step of the way. Let us alleviate the stress with our comprehensive design service, which is committed to delivering a space that truly resonates with you.


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Whether you need a large or small-scale design, we develop an outdoor plan that is tailored to fit your specific needs and desires. We begin by meeting with you and listening carefully, understanding all aspects of your project before getting started on the design process. Each design consists of an organized layout for flowers, trees, shrubs as well as other decorative features like walkways and patios. Once we create a plan that fits what you envision, our skilled installation experts bring it all together with expert craftsmanship. Afterward, we work directly with maintenance professionals who recommend treatments for keeping your landscape looking its best for years to come.

About Us

MelindDesign is a landscaping service that provides unique and beautiful outdoor solutions for homes and commercial properties. Our team of professionals is passionate about creating stunning landscapes that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property and promote sustainability and eco-friendliness. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand and realize their vision, utilizing our expertise and knowledge to create spectacular outdoor areas tailored to their specific requirements. Whether a residential garden or a commercial landscape, MelindDesign is here to help bring your outdoor dreams to life.


Melindesign and Abdo Florist unite to create captivating outdoor spaces. We specialise in crafting personalised landscapes, while Abdo Florist adds exquisite floral accents. Together, we turn outdoor areas into breathtaking havens that harmonise natural beauty and artistic design. Explore the fusion of landscaping and floristry, transforming your surroundings into enchanting retreats.

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