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Melindesign offers premier retaining wall services that can bring life to your property. We specialize in constructing walls to hold back soil, prevent erosion and landslides, and create level areas for building or landscaping on sloped terrain while blending our work seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. Choose from various materials like concrete, stone, brick, and timber to customize your project based on your needs and budget. 

With Melindesign’s custom-tailored service package, you get complete site preparation and design and engineering assistance to have peace of mind knowing everything is working as it should be. Our experienced professionals are here to ensure quality maintenance even after construction. 

Our Retaining Walls Process

This step involves a thorough assessment of the property where the retaining wall will be constructed and a consultation with the property owner to understand their goals and budget for the project. 

During the site evaluation, our team will assess the slope and terrain of the land to determine the best location and design for the retaining wall. We’ll also evaluate the existing drainage patterns and any other factors that may affect the construction of the retaining wall. 

Our engineers and designers collaborate to create a custom design for the retaining wall that meets the client’s goals, budget, and desired aesthetic style. We consider the land’s slope, the retaining wall’s height, and the desired look in our sophisticated 3D models. Using state-of-the-art software during the design and engineering process ensures that the final product is aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. It lets us visualize what the finished product will look like so that we can make any tweaks that may be necessary before it is complete. 

This step involves selecting the best material for the client’s needs and budget. 

We offer a variety of materials for retaining walls, including concrete, stone, brick, and timber. Each material has unique advantages and disadvantages in cost, durability, and aesthetics. 

We’ll work closely with the client during the material selection phase to understand their preferences and needs. We’ll also provide guidance and recommendations based on our experience and knowledge of the various materials available. 

Before construction can begin, we must prepare the site for the retaining wall. It includes clearing vegetation and debris from the area and excavating a level base. Additionally, soil conditions are evaluated to ensure that any measures such as soil stabilization or drainage are taken to guarantee the structure’s longevity. During this step, we ensure the base is level and stable to secure the retaining wall. 

In the construction phase, experienced professionals follow the design plan and install the retaining wall materials according to specifications. Each wall layer is aligned, leveled correctly, and built to its specified height and width. Additionally, safety measures are put in place to ensure the safety of both workers and anyone else nearby. At the same time, we comply with local building codes and regulations so that the final product meets quality and safety standards. 

During the finishing touches phase, we’ll complete any remaining landscaping or decorative touches to enhance the appearance of the retaining wall. It may include planting beds or decorative rocks, installing a capstone, or coping at the wall’s top. 

We’ll also ensure the retaining wall is properly cleaned and all debris removed from the site. It includes sweeping up any leftover construction materials or debris and ensuring the site is neat. Finally, we’ll conduct a final inspection to ensure the retaining wall meets all requirements and specifications. We’ll also take the time to review the completed project with the client and answer any questions they may have. 

Let us help you transform your property by providing high-quality retaining walls that meet and exceed your needs. Our process ensures that the structures are of the highest quality and up to code, so contact us today for more information about our services and get started soon!


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