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    7 Ways to Manage Your Business. Assign One Day to EACH Task!

    I’m by myself in my business. I have employees, I head the big jobs, we assemble jewelry to no end. I’m in the trenches with the Jewelry Assembly Chicks because that’s what I like to do the most, create things. Take apart and put together things. Solve the puzzle of this piece goes with that […]

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    Is It A Hobby or A Business? How to Know If You Have A Great Business Idea

    This is a great article at Business News Daily, 10 Ways to Know If You Have A Great Business Idea. If you have a great idea, you must find out if anyone else has the same idea. Research the heck of it it, until you have exhausted every corner on the world wide web. This is especially […]

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    How To Make A Jewelry Sketch

    I get a lot of requests for help from jewelry designers. I’m going to lay out a plan of attack to get the best possible results when seeking help in getting your product assembled and delivered. I’d like to lay out some steps to start sketching, which will lead to your tech pack and this […]